Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Congrats Frankie & Glo!!

Friends of mine got hitched last Saturday... the wedding reception at STAR was indeed a memorable one especially when I get to meet some of my old friends from school and those I used to hang out with when I was still working in Singapore... Here are some photos for the sharing...

The loving couple ....Frankie & Gloria

The happy lovely couple..

4's a company

Mel & Destiny

Allan & Bev

Me, Sophie, Alvin (he ain't my hubby.. they just share the same name hehe..) & Sharon...

The De Jesus family: Little Sophie with Alvin and Jane

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Jewelle Tan said...

Congrats to Frankie & Gloria! Wishing them many marital bliss and the pitter patter of little feet soon!

Why so few pictures lah...like your black gown lots