Friday, January 18, 2008

Do you dig native American jewellery??

I'm into jewelleries and can find many different types of jewelleries and accessories in my possession. I simply adore and love pearls which I will dedicate a special entry about my pearls collection later on... Diamonds is of coz girls' best friends...unfortunately this type of jewellery is not so affordable or rather too dear to take up as collection. Swarovski crystal is another collection that I have and which I used to make my own sets. I think this was the only handicraft that I have patience to do... purely because I can save a lot of $$ by doing my own sets...maybe I should blog about this too and show you my collection another time... I also own a couple of Indian accessories sets, other types of crystals, precious and semi-precious stones and many others. You may think am over the top but just like I separate my day and night perfumes, I separate my day and night accessories too :)

I'm also into another type of accessories which I never knew what type they are until I recently got an email about a site on native American jewellery. They are mostly in turquoise and sterling silver. But they also in other gemstones such as Fire Agate, Kyanite, Onyx, Green Garnet and Iolite etc. These authentic jewelleries are as varied and as unique as the tribes that design it. Each individual Native American tribe normally has its own style of jewelry making. So if you're into these sort of jewellery, please don't miss out the site.

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