Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just another day dreaming on this early Tuesday morning...

I was talking about the free seats offered by a local airline....I wonder if the free seats include international flights....hmmmm....Anyway, it made me think of another travel destination which I've been or rather me and my girl friends been talking about for the longest time...I think we gals have talked about going for a trip to New Zealand even before I got married. They are four of us who have been dreaming of going there...but we have yet to materialise our wish.

I think New Zealand makes a perfect romantic get away especially this coming Valentine's Day. But I also think it makes a great and interesting family vacation destination. I sooooo in love with the beautiful scenery that I keep seeing from the magazines ever since I was a kid. I should start checking on the rates for New Zealand Hotels . I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Auckland Hotels not forgetting Wellington Hotels and Christchurch Hotels to choose from....Now if only I could win just a little fraction of the Big Sweep...yeah I know...I can keep dreaming ...but you never know right....We ought to have dreams otherwise we wouldn't be motivated to achieve anything...but then again if we just dream and do nothing about it, it will just stay as a dream and not reality....hmmmm ok I must mentally wake up now..time to get ready to work!


Jewelle said...

And whose fault is it that this is still a daydream???

Ok, 5 years from now!

Aunty J said...

Hehehe...dono??? ;p

Yeah, 5 years from now babe!!