Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hmmm....the last time I went shopping for myself was just before Christmas...even that I had to rush in and out of the shops due to time constraint...I normally had to do that either during the weekdays (lunch hours especially on Friday..) or before Ethan's feeding time... Sometimes I do wish that Ethan is not so picky when it comes to feeding time (he sometimes refuse to drink his milk if hubby feeds him..) so I can have more leisurely time to shop around... occasionally I do feel suffocated being confined to my home especially recently since Ethan hasn't been well...and even now I have to be careful not to bring him to crowded places as his paed worries Ethan's sensitive airway may get worst if he gets infected again... Oh well, I guess I just have to look at other alternative for shopping online shopping :) Accepting Credit Cards on Website is the normal payment method for most online shopping sites. Hence, it makes shopping very convenient as you don't need to have cash in hand to do your purchasing....but can be very dangerous if you don't watch your limits though....hmmm... However, in terms of security, I'm sure this particular site is using a reliable Internet Credit Card Processor or Visa & Mastercard Payment Solutions.

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