Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Are you into medical tv show?

Many years ago, I used to watch Doogie Houser MD religiously (I guess you can sort of guess my age now eh...not that I mind if you ask me anyway hehehe..)...then came ER. I was really hooked with ER especially with George Clooney!!! He is such a gorgeous looking man!! (Don't worry hubby, you're still my number 1!! hehe) ... Even if there are re-runs on telly today, I would still watch some of the episodes especially those that I've missed previously.

ER must have been very successful as more medical tv shows started to appear soon after. One of them which I'm pretty sure you may be one of their big fans too is Grey's Anatomy (GA). GA is a big hit here and of coz there are House M.D. and Scrubs for those who fancy a jolly good laugh. Others include Nip/Tuck and 3 lbs. And if you're wondering why I didn't include "General Hospital" as medical tv show?? Well, simply because I find it more like a soap opera (*rolling eyes*) than anything else! I find it sooo utterly boring (yawn yawn)!!

Besides being entertaining, I enjoy watching all these medical tv shows as we can learn a thing or two from them. The scenes in ER and Grey's Anatomy are like real life scenes. Sometimes I do wonder if these actors had to go for some sort of medical training in order to embrace their on screen characters succesfully. Thanks to the Oprah Winfrey show, I know for sure that the actors and actresses for CSI do have guidance or training from a real former FBI agent... So anybody have any idea if these actors/actresses have to go for any sort of medical training?

Hubby on the other hand is not really a fan of medical tv show...he prefers movie shows and of coz his sport channels!! I wonder if Ethan would enjoy medical tv shows...who knows one day he may take the career path of becoming a doctor..if that happens, then I would certainly be very happy hehe...but then again...he will then have to experience a very hectic life style...hmmm...maybe becoming an engineer would be better....opppss am thinking too far ahead again...I should just let's him decide for himself what he wants to do in the future right... hmmm...

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Deana E said...

me too love Doogie Howser..and all those series you mentioned. general hospital's soap, not really a medical show. did you mentioned house??? i love him!!