Thursday, February 21, 2008

Car booth sales

I've been talking about having car booth sales at my place for a long long time now... As my mom always complain, I have quite a bit of stuff at home and at my parents' home that I been wanting to get rid of.... Of coz some I've given to friends and relatives but I still have some left especially those that I've spent a bit of money and those that I'm reluctant to part with hehe...Anyway, I've always been a car booth sales person. I like to just browse around or buy an item or two especially the unique ones. I once saw a really nice vintage like gramophone in one of the garage sales in Singapore. I almost wanted to buy it but the thought of hand carrying it back to KK changed my mind. Too bad coz it would really make a nice piece of home decor :) Anyway, back to having a car booth sales, I think I should get things organize soon since I already have 2 volunteers (with terms & conditions that is hehe...they want to view all the stuff that I have b4 I start the sales coz they wanna pick and choose first! hehe..but fair enough I think). But since am staying in an apartment, I would need a suitable place to hold the garage sales...hmmm...I wonder if there is such a thing like Sectional Garage, you know, like a concrete sectional building for rent in KK like what the provides?

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