Friday, February 29, 2008

Be protected

I think most of us would have purchased some sort of insurance, be it life insurance, personal accident insurance, medical insurance, fire insurance, auto insurance etc etc...there are plenty of different types of insurance out there. A few months back I just bought myself (finally!) a medical insurance from a reputable insurance company. Medical insurance can be quite costly (I could have used the money for shopping!! Ha!) but looking at the high rocket price of medical fees, I honestly think it is a worth while investment. It is not easy to choose medical insurance from the market as there are just too many to choose from. You can get overwhelming with all the different terms and offers available in the market. But I guess for medical insurance, besides the obvious reasons of being affordable, comes from a reputable & stable company as well as offering good coverage of various types of illnesses, it should most of all have speedy Accident Compensation Claims. I have never experience of having to claim any of my insurances yet. So I will not be able to share my experience on claiming of compensation with you. But I do have a friend who is soon undergoing an operation in Sabah Medical Centre which all of us know the rates can be pretty hefty. But thank goodness she is covered! Anyway, back to compensation claims, as of now, she has nothing to worry about hospitalization fees as that is already settled when the employer’s insurance company issued the letter of hospitalization fees absorption to her :)

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