Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Rewinded

A pictorial display of our activities during the recent CNY break:

1st Day of CNY - dinner with my in-laws-- sorry no photos taken as the workaholic paparazzi was busy eating and was on so-called unofficially off duty! Here's a photo of my lil' E instead ;p

Ethan in a playful mood :)
2nd Day of CNY -- "fun" session at big bro's & open house at Tosaraya

SIL, Big Bro & Allie

The hubs & Lil' E with him doing his funny face, AGAIN! ;)

Ethan with his grandma at Tosaraya

3rd Day of CNY -- family outing at Grace Point

Look at his mischevious smile ;p

Ma' boy & I...

4th Day of CNY -- open house cum house warming party at big bro's

Me mum with some of our close relatives

Family & friend
Ethan and his cousins...

So how was your CNY celebrations or CNY break?


emelda said...

Happy Chinese new year AuntyJ!!!
Mana ang pau sia? Hehehe...oh please send my warmest hugs to lil ethan...cubit pipi dia for me kio! :)

Deana E said...

CNY i just rest till i am bored..hehe

Aunty J said...

Ba nanti sia hug and cubit pipi si Ethan for u ah hehehe...Nah...mari sini ambil ang pau kau dari si Ethan! jangan lupa visit kami when u in town k! ;p

Oh yes, you need all the rest you can won't belong when you'll have your bundle of joy :) Siok tu ada baby :)

farrahar said...

Hi there..

Ei your SIL ba.. is that Jessica Chua? Ka saya salah orang?

Aunty J said...

Hi Farahar,
Yup that's Jasica my SIL alright :) You know her ka?

farrahar said...

we used to be classmates back in primary school. pls send my regards to her :)

Aunty J said...

Oic...wokie..will let her know :)