Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shopping headache??

After a close friend of mine came back from her shopping trip to Manila few months ago plus some raving stories of my other friends about shopping in Manila , I've concluded that Manila will be another "must go" shopping destination for me. I'm not sure when will that be but I'm sure I'll enjoy shopping there as I heard one can find more variety and things are pretty cheap :)

I've so far made shopping trips to Bangkok and Hong Kong. It was really fun going to these two places. Things are pretty cheap in Bangkok not forgetting the superlicious Tom Yam!! Of coz travelling with great company made those trips more memorable!! Hong Kong during the Summer Sales (which was on when we were there) offers great bargains too. Food wise, I love the porridge, mango dessert and dim sum there...the food was really delicious but some may find the food and things a bit dear if you convert the currency to RM (Thank goodness I was still earning S$ then). Talking about shopping, if your family practise gifts giving tradition on Christmas day, you should probably act on it while you're on your shopping trips...otherwise you may end up rushing and paying more as you'll probably just grab whatever you think is fine as Christmas presents...Another way to beat the rush and long que is to plan ahead and buy your Christmas presents on Black Friday site. You can start purchasing items from their site on the day after Thanks Giving. Do get yourself subcribe to their newsletter too so that you can get hold of their black friday ads ;p


Deana E said...

I never been to Hong Kong but bangkok is a shopping heaven...hehehe.why we love shopping ah?..women women..

Aunty J said...

Simply we women just can't live without doing any shopping!! haha..