Monday, March 31, 2008

I heart Balinese style home decor

I've always like the exotic and resort like Balinese home interior makes me feel so relax, comfortable and peaceful being at home. What I like most about Balinese home decor is that it uses dark brown and off white linen types of materials. But I must say having off white as cushion covers may not be practical especially with little ones at home. One of my concern is also the posibility of termites invasion to our little crib as most of the Balinese home decor stuff are made of wood. But I guess most of them are coated with some sort of anti-termites solutions... one possible solution on how to kill termites.

Anyway, unless we purchase it straight from Bali or Indonesia, getting these types of home decor can be pretty dear.. So what becomes of our little crib? Well, since I heart wooden furnitures and hubby prefers stainless steel look, we've decided to based our home interior design based on these two themes :) Mind you, we were very strict on the colors of our furnitures i.e. dark brown and/or stainless steel only hee..and we painted our wall in earthly green :) Sorry I didn't take any photos of our home interior yet...will share some pics when I finally get around to doing it ;p So what's your home interior decor like? :)


Anonymous said...

I love balinese style deco too!!! But memang it is very expensive to buy those stuff here in Malaysia. Sigh...

Our home theme is resort style juga...but palan palan la...apagon!!!
We just started with the tiles outside our main entrance..this weekend will be our kitchen cabinet and then curtain....and then mungkin kalau rajin we will try and paint the house ourself. :D

Bnayak betul kerja lagi mau buat i tell you AnutyJ...sigh.

cindy said...

Mine is more on the country Victorian style. But I haven't gone all out lah, since I haven't got my own house. Tunggu lah kalau sudah kahwin, ada rumah.. then I'll start on that. :-) But I heart Balinese style too!

Aunty J said...

Ya ba apagon motii!!

Hehe..tapi siok kan to decorate your own place...especially when all is done and the place looks nice, you'll feel very satisfied and proud of urself tu hehe...

Yes, I can imagine how hard it is hehe...we had to plan for our wedding, kasi isi the apartment all at the same time previously..I tell you it was pure madness!! But when all is done we are very happy people :)

Aunty J said...

Yeah, I can tell fr your blog tht u love Victorian country style...more on the English style kan hehehe...ya tunggu uda kawin la supaya can share utang rumah hahaha...yeah Balinese style is where my heart belongs when it comes to interior decor ;p