Sunday, April 20, 2008

Current affairs

If you're into current affairs especially issues or concerns that will influence the way you think and feel, you may find Teknosis blog is your cup of tea. The author who is a high school student and an avid supporter of Ron Paul (if you don't know who Ron Paul is, do a search on google hee..) writes current events that interest not only him but I believe many will share the same if not the opposite of what he thinks and feels. This blog seems to cover a wide range of current affairs ranging from international human rights, child abuse, domestic terrorism to American politics and others. Personally, I feel general knowledge among people are on the rising high especially when so many of us are caught in the rat race life. But if you do have a bit of a free time, do blog hop to this site. At least you may know a bit about what's going on especially in the America.

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