Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Rock

I went to Damai area with Tweety Mutley and StoryMory2share for a lunchie on Monday. After we have fed our hungry stomachs, we headed on to the nearby pet shop to visit Mr. Rock for the second time. This time I managed to take a few pictures of him just for the sharing especially for those who love cats :)

The handsome Rock who has won numerous Cat Competitions

Lazying around

Seems like he knows he is handsome and that we are admiring him ;p

Showing off!! ;p


Mama Uaua&Momoi said...

persian cat kacukan ka tu... when the kids bigger I want to get a pet cat...

Aunty J said...

Mama Uaua&Momoi:
I think he is a tabby breed...ohhh okie I think the two will like that :)