Friday, May 16, 2008

8 random facts

Spiff the Spaceman tagged me on this a while ago and I only remember about it this morning...opppss thousand apologies Nick ;p But better late than never right!!?? (Errmmmm...btw, have you ever did the smile taggy from me Nick?? Yeah am haunting you now hahaha...) Anyway, this tag is about 8 random facts about me.


Each of you start with 8 random facts or habits about yourself. Once you're tagged, write a blog post about your own random fact and post these rules. At the end of the post you need to tag 8 other wonderful bloggers and include their names. Then once you're done, don't forget to let them know in their blogs that you've given them a tag ... and to come read your random facts ;p

Here goes my 8 random facts:

1. I love chocolate (tht's why I still haven't reach my pre-pregnancy weight and my forever friends tummy is still bulging and waving at me ;p)
2. I'm a blog addict (it's 4.43am now...nah I wasn't online forever.. slept early and woke up just before 4am to wash Ethan's bottles and now am here hee...)
3. Love shopping? (Yes I am!!)
4. New found love - cloth diapers (my latest obsession hehe.. I've bought about 30 CDs in a span of just one month..hehe..)
5. I'm trying (seems like I'm forever trying hehe..) to loose weight (to my pre-pregnancy weight of 51kg currently still at 55kg...blame it on random fact #1 and lack of exercise...sigh..)
6. I'm a bit of a perfectionist (have mellowed down a lot over the years hehe..age factor?? hehe)
7. I'm a planner (I even plan in my head for almost every actions that I take which can be annoying at times especially if you're an impromptu kinda person hehe...and yeah I prefer advance notice rather than last minute activities though I would sometimes adhere to last minute activities such as shopping and window shopping hehe)
8. No matter how late I sleep the night before I will still wake up early the next day (I would normally wake up ard 7.30am even without alarm clock shouting to wake me up!)

My dear fellow bloggers, you've been tagged coz I would like to know you better!! ;p
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  2. FloDawn of StoryMory2Share
  3. Chegu Carol of the Guru-guru life
  4. Deana of My Children Journal
  5. JoanDarcy of Grin Mama Blues
  6. Emelda of Kadazan Bonita
  7. Fran of Live Life
  8. Esterllar of Being Stellar


Spiff, The Spaceman said...

LOL! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten your smile tag yet. I have the picture and all but just haven't got round to posting it ... hehehe ... It will be out soon, Aunty J!

And thanks for putting this tag up :D Happy weekend to you.

denna said...

i think think first ya..hehe

agnes said...

I got the same tag from vhiel & tagging on Joanna too. I have done it today. thanks.

Deana E said...

done aunty j..he he