Monday, May 26, 2008

Ethan's developments

I'm just jotting down some notes on Ethan's developments for my own reference :)

  • Able to stand up on his own in his baby cot last week - he stood on his own by holding on to the sofa when I was feeding him once
  • More stable when sitting down though he doesn't try to sit on his own that often
  • He will give you a peck or a lick hehe when he is in the mood ;p
  • He is not on all fours yet
  • Seems to understand "nenen" (milk) and "water"
  • Loves music especially on DVDs or VCDs - he is a visual person (his eyes will be glued to the telly especially with singing cartoon characters) rather than an audio person ;p
  • More demanding and will make sounds and body gestures by forwarding his body towards the place that he wants us to bring him to or things that he wants
  • Loves balloon - that is the first thing he will look for as we pick him up from his cot in the morning
  • He has rather good memory as he remembers things quite well e.g. where we keep his balloon as he will automatically turn his body towards where we keep it in the morning
  • He knows which remote control is for what e.g. once hubby pretended to use the aircond remote control as a phone and pretended to have some conversation. He later put it on Ethan's ear but Ethan took it away and pointed the remote control to the aircond instead which left both of us looking at each and other and started to laugh!! And if you give him the remote control that does not change the tv channel, he will drop it and request for the correct one!
  • Still very playful + cheeky ;p
  • Very friendly as he gets all excited when he sees little kids around as he wants to join in the fun


ArMs said...

waaa he knows how to differentiate the remote controls? cool! heehe...

Ratu Syura said...

tau sudah which remote for the tv?? haha! gonna grow up to be a typical man! lol...

estellar said...

ethan really sounds like a very smart and unique baby!