Thursday, May 29, 2008

Freebies up for grab!!

Hey all you folks in KK, since we'll be celebrating the Harvest Festival this coming weekend, here's another option for you on how to utilize your long weekend - go watch a movie or two for FREE!! What's more it will be at the new 1 Borneo shopping mall!! So quick go grab this golden opportunity pronto as the offer is only valid from 31 May t0 4th June!!


melbie said...

GSC 1Borneo open already? How about the rest of the shops? :) :)

So best, yet so far lah 1Borneo from Penampang hehehhe but thanks for sharing :)

chegu carol said...

Eii starts from 31st? why in our free movie tickets stated 30th ah...the movies they offer are all yg few months backdated punya. Mcm we all dapat the 10000 BC. Since we havent watch this...pi juga kan.

Julian said...

1borneo externally looks like construction dump... but internally most of it are finished. Soft opening 8th June... tapi sia wonder ada OC sudah kah tu ah??? hehehe