Monday, May 5, 2008

My sunnies...

I'm not really a vain person but I do love to look good when going out although it is not as easy as before I have my precious Lil' E. As any mothers will agree with me, after having children, our kids needs became the main priority including when we have outings. In my case, I would have to make sure that I have all his stuff ready b4 we step out of our main door. Those stuff include his extra clothings, diapers + diaper stuff (e.g baby wipes, Drapolene etc - so far I'll switch to disposable diapers from cloth diapers when going out), towels, milk bottle, milk powder, hot water, toys, etc etc... My hubby always say that we are like moving house whenever we go for outings as there seem to be so many baby stuff to bring along hehehe... and no thanks to a "thorough" or "just in case" person that I am hee...we always end up having to bring a number of things coz I don't have to worry in case we come home late or in case he gets cold or vomitted etc etc.

Anyway, coming back to being vain, previously I would never leave the house without my sunglasses as not only will it be handy when driving during a bright sunny day, it is of coz for fashion purposes hehe..but of lately I seldom wear sun glasses as I would like Ethan to see my eyes when I talk to him...but if I do wear my Sunglasses he will just stares at me and give me a funny look which I will end up taking off my sunglasses ;p Another reason why I seldom wear my sunglasees nowadays is that Ethan loves to grab it and I'm afraid he may one day drop it. That will not be good as the sunglasses bought as a gift by the hubs is not that now I only wear it when I go out on my own or occasionally when I don't need to carry Ethan for a long period of time. Maybe I should consider replica sunglasses so I don't have to worry about Ethan dropping it. I wonder besides the replica sunglasses from China that we see being sold at Gaya Street is there any other quality Wholesale Replica Sunglasses around in KK?


Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I can't use sunglasses for too long cos it hurts my nose! LOL!

Anyway, here's a tag for you to do with those sunglasses on :)

Sunglasses Guy said...


You have got to be able to find sunglasses that don't hurt your nose. They are out there.

Is this an ad for CTS?