Saturday, May 31, 2008

Put a spark in your life

I'm pretty sure many of you must have heard so much about SocialSpark which was launched just recently. If you haven't, it is another avenue for you to earn some extra pocket money or if you're a full time blogger and earn from it like many do, it’s another program that you can generate additional income :) It's also one place where you can meet old and new friends. Since I started blogging last August, I've met quite a few friendly bloggers whom I now considered friends. Of course besides my new found friends, I have quite a few personal friends who are also bloggers. Some of them who have also joined SocialSpark include Osindak and Hannie whom have been earning some bucks through the Marketplace. I turn green whenever I see paid post done by them hehehe... But I tell myself , my turn will come...just have to be a bit more patient hehehe...Well,I do hope I'll get some opportunities from SocialSpark soon coz I would really love to see more moolah (well, who wouldn’t want right hehe..) in my paypal after the CDs shopping spree!! So folks, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself registered for another monetizes your blog opportunity!! It's only takes a to bring more moolah to your paypal ;p

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