Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dirt Devil

Yup, Dirt Devil, that's the name of the new energy saver vacuum cleaner. I personally think that this is just what we need especially during this crazy price hikes lately! If you ask me why, well it is because it consumes 70% less energy!! Not only that, it uses the cordless technology too. And on top of that, you can definitely trust the quality of this product as it has earned its rightful approval by the Energy Star! What a cool vacuum cleaner don't you think? If only they sell it here in Malaysia, I think I'll be one of the early birds that wouldn't mind queuing up for such a wonderful state-of-the-art technology. Hmm... Being the vacuum cleaner person rather than using other cleaning tools such as the broom…I will definitely give a go at it if it is available in Malaysia. I am not so sure about the price of this vacuum cleaner though. But if it uses 70% less energy, I would certainly think it is worth the hefty initial investment. Mainly because it certainly will save you a lot in terms of electricity bill in the long run right. Oh by the way, I hope that this brand has all sort of colours for choosy people like me to choose from because I would like to have a earthly green vacuum cleaner rather than the usual grey or black ones. Well, maybe they won’t have it in those colours but no harm in thinking about it right hee Ok, got to go now folks…later!


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