Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting friendly with Dr. Fish

While attending the WCIT 2008 in KL last month, my colleague and I managed to squeeze in a little bit of time during one of the evenings for some relaxation treats. If you ask me or Sindut if it was pure relaxation, well the answer would be definately NO in the beginning as we felt more ticklish than anything else! But slowly as we got the hang of it, we began to enjoy and even prolonged our stay there :) Why ticklish? Cos we brave our soul to try out the becoming popular fish spa at one of the fish spas in KL. We let the Garra Rufa or sometimes known as Dr. Fish specially flown from Turkey (yeah no kidding..thy were flown all the way) to nibble our dead skins on our feet! We were pretty excited to try it out when we first saw the little ads at the hotel. The thought of little fishes nibbling my layers upon layers of dead skin did sounded ticklish but I never imagine it could be that ticklish! We were practically screaming our lungs out and giggled like there was no tomorrow at the Sampuoton Spa which is located at the new Merchant Square in Petaling Jaya. At that time, we were the only customers but I tell you I am not surprise if the whole block of shops could hear us screaming and giggling away!! was really that ticklish especially if you're a ticklish person like the two of us!! But the friendly lady from the spa seemed immune to the screaming as they do get that extreme reactions from previous customers too (thank goodness we are not alone haha)..she even stayed a while with us while we embarrassed ourselves with our not so sexy screams without any ear plugs (yeah we were that loud!!)..indeed a very brave woman!!! hahaha

If you wondering what are the benefits of having the fishes nibbling your dead can read it from here

But overall it was an interesting ticklish experience and we did finally felt relax after more than 30 mins of enduring the ticklish sensations! In fact we extended our stay for another 30mins from our initial half hour plan :) Not only that, we were also delighted with the interior decor inside the spa and love the idea of being served dinner afterwards :) So all we need to do was to get back to the hotel and sleep :) Oh btw, did I also mentioned that thy provide free transfers from the hotel to the spa and vice versa in the package too? Isn't that wonderful? For RM105,
we did have a nice 1 hour fish spa treatment that comes with free hotel transfers, friendly owner(s) and staff, good food and nice interior decor :) So if you haven't try the fish spa yet, go try it out. Oh btw, we kept telling them to bring the fish spa to KK which they said they are working on it especially in 1 for those in KK we might be able to enjoy such spa soon...hopefully ;p

Even the exterior of the spa looks pretty neat ya ;p

The RM45/fish eating away my dead skin..they must have felt very full afterwards hehe...and please stop looking at my fat legs!! haha...


FloDawn said...

I wanted to try having my footie 'cleaned' by Dr. Fish too when I was last in KL. Tapi... not enuf time huhuhu :(
Looks ticklish and fun tho hehe!

Deana E said...

tidak geli ka nie?