Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sparkly day

There are two reasons why I feel today is a bright sparkly day although its a bit cloudy outside...First because my precious little baby Ethan is no longer a baby (sshhh..he is taking his morning nap now..) as he turns 1 year old today :) Secondly, my blog finally got approved by SocialSpark to start taking opportunities although I've done and entry about SocialSpark just a few days back:) So double yay for me!! Hee...Anyway, I would like to thank Hannie for helping me to get my coding installed properly. Without her and due to my laziness to go find out myself what went wrong I probably would still unable to start earning some extra pocket money hehe...So cheers to you Hannie!! :) So now I'm looking forward not only to make new online friends via this wonderful programme, but ultimately I am eager to take more opportunities from it. Call me greedy but hey why not grab a great opportunity to earn extra income while doing what I like i.e. blogging right. And oh...btw, another thing I like about this programe is their code of ethic. They do practice the followings:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Not sure if you have noticed but I seldom update my blog a few days back ...well, that was due to me in my lazy mode...and yes, sorry though I have read all the comments that you folks wrote, but I haven't got around to answer all of them...I'm truly sorry if you think I've abandoned you...but worry not coz I didn't as I did read all the comments and really enjoy having comments in my blog...just that I was in a lazy mood (yeah I better be frank then making all sorts of excuses right...)But from today onwards, I will definately start replying comments and those in my chat box again okay :)

Oh well, I best stop writing nonsense now. Instead I should again remind you to go get yourself registered with asap :)

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hannie said...

Hey, finally! I'm glad I can help :D
eh.. see anything that I can do, please forward also ya.. TQ

Ratu Syura said...

Welcome aboard Aunty J!! Have I added you and propped you?? Hmm.. gotta check.. Tidak ingat! :P

Aunty J said...

Sure, will do that :)

Ratu Syura:
Yippie!! Yes, you've added me and so have I added you. Thanks! :)