Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Alice's Soaker for Ethan

Janneth is one of the keen knitters at work. She loves knitting and she was actually looking for knitting projects to polish up her knitting skills. As I was thinking of getting Ethan a wool soaker, I thought I could ask her to knit one for Ethan. I got Alice's soaker pattern from Janelle earlier. Here's the completed wool soaker. Unfortunately it is hard to find Merino wool here so Janneth used the softest wool that she could find. I was told it is best to use Merino wool for soakers as it will be more absorbent as well as being the softest wool. So good for baby's tush ;p I will probably have to order some Merino wool from ebay.com next time. Anyway, here are some photos...sorry for the poor picture quality as my digi cam has RIP:(

I love the color......not sure how good it can function as a soaker though...I will have to try ;p
I tried it on Ethan this morning...just to check on the fittings
It is slightly big on the waist but I'm sure he'll soon grow and fits into it...
One happy customer ;p


Sandra@miabambina said...

don't forget to use some lanolin to make it waterproof :)
and also a special wool wash.
and do not use the woolite

glad to know someone can knit !
you can refer to other blog on how to lanolized your soaker

Joan D'Arcy said...

wow.. hope some1 cud knit for us..

Aunty J said...

Yup will do and thks for the tips!! :)

Hey,you could always contact Janneth if you're interested hehe :)

Deana E said...

yes.. i bought lanolin and i love the smell..so sweet..butter something..no wonder ha

Neneth said...

Hi..I am glad that Aunty J like it. My first Alice's soaker I knitted. I got 2 more order from my friend. If you want me to knit something for you, just contact me, I am happy to knit for you..:D. Come visit my site http://nenethsknittingcorner.blogspot.com