Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby/ child CPR

The title says it all, yes this entry is especially dedicated to baby/ child CPR. I'm not going into details as in how to do the CPR but rather to create awareness on how crucial it is for all parents and parents-to-be on knowing how to perform CPR on their baby/ infant. Obviously, we as parents always think of what is safe for our baby, be it food, the surroundings and during travelling. But more often than not, we left out one very essential skill, i.e. performing baby CPR. I've attended first aid course ages ago and I've learnt about CPR but adult CPR differs from baby CPR. Lately since having Ethan, I've been wanting to learn CPR for baby for emergency purposes as we never know what will happen with little kids around especially when they start to move about.

It was just the right time when I saw the opportunity from about baby CPR. Nevertheless, for whatever reason, I am not qualified to do the opp but decided to request for a slot. However, as I was requesting for a slot, I stumbled upon the same opp requesting a buzz about it for free. Knowing how important this topic is and how relevant it would be in my blog, I've decided to spread the info even for free. I even got myself registered and bought the baby CPR course package for $7.95. I didn't hesitate to get the package as I find it very reasonable for 6 month subscription fees with access to video, forum and experts on this field. I know, you must be thinking why do I want to pay for it when I could get free guide from the net. Well, am quite particular about getting reliable information especially for baby health/safety over the net. Hence, to ensure I get the right safety tips, I really don't mind to invest a little bit on it. So mommies and daddies, aunties and uncles or even grandmas and grandpas, here's one site you should visit or even get yourself a course pack to learn how to save a baby's life as you never know when you will find it handy.

But if you're not willing to part with your hard earned money, maybe you may want to view at least these two videos on how to do baby CPR and child CPR from the American Heart Association. As the Scout's motto says, "Be prepared" always! :)

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