Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cisco certification

You know what, if it is not because I am in the IT industry, I won't know a thing about Cisco the brand and thus Cisco certification...In fact, it was only till I jump on the IT wagon that I learnt there is such a thing called Cisco products and its various certifications ;p Being in the IT industry, (I am not in the technical department though so don't ask me about technical stuff ok hee...) I've been exposed to quite a number of Cisco certifications especially those that have been obtained by our engineers. I now also know that an IT company that sends its staff for Cisco certifications is one IT company that you can count on. Why? Well, simply because you can be assured of the quality of their services as well as their technical knowledge on Cisco products. Furthermore, this type of company will surely go far as Cisco certifications is very well sought after not only by the clients or potential clients but also by other IT companies. Why other IT companies? Well, they will definitely hire engineers who are highly qualified and have obtained the Cisco certifications. It is after all an international certification. I am glad the company that I work for encourages the engineers to go for such certification as not only will it strengthen the company’s capability and credibility but it also shows how up to date the engineers are in terms of technical knowledge when it comes to Cisco products :) So to those who have sweat the exams and managed to get the certification, you know you'll have a bright futre in the IT field :)

Oh by the way folks, it’s only 2 days away from the closing of the Cutie Baby Contest, so please cast your vote for Lil’ Ethan pronto!! Thank you!! ;p

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