Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dream house

I believe everyone would have your very own dream it by the seaside, or up on a hill over looking the city or greenery, or a nice bungalow on your own piece of land, or a detached or semi detached or terrace house in a nice friendly housing area...Whatever it is, I'm sure each and everyone of us have some kind of a dream House Plans in our mind...and I'm quite sure that many would have some ideas of what kind of Home Plans they want but they won't be able to sketch it out on a piece of paper simply because like me, they are just not the type of person who can draw and scribble something that is good or decent enough for house building purposes. That is why there are house or home plans professionals around and one of the many professional house plan establishment is So if you’re planning achieve your dream house soon, I suggest you give their site a visit as I'm sure they can come out with a "must get one" Log home plans for you in no time :) As for us, we still dreaming to have our own house in the future...for me I love to have our own house so that we can have pet dogs as I like dogs especially the big cuddly ones...and I believe Ethan loves dog too from the way he gets all excited smiling from ear to ear whenever he sees Lucky the pet dog at MIL's :) As dream house location, hubby prefers it to be somewhere near work place, a sport complex as well as good schools around for obvious reason :)

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