Monday, August 4, 2008

Ethan is runner up!!

Ethan is 2nd place!!

Hellooowww folks....sorry for not being able to update my blog recently...been rather busy...Anyway, thank you so much to each and everyone of you who have voted for Ethan!! I really appreciate your support all this while! :)
So if you're wondering what was the result? Let me proudly say that he is the RUNNER UP for the Cute Baby Contest!! :) Ethan managed to get 252 votes while the winner had 306 votes. He was 54 votes behind the winner, Joshua :) You can see the winners' list here. I know the prize is not much but it was merely for the fun and thrill of it hee...Talking about good contest prizes, just the other day StoryMory2Share showed me the Johnson's Baby Contest 2008 and asked me to join. The prizes sure are very attractive. RM15K for the winner, RM8K for the runner up and RM5K for the third runner up. Even consolation winners get RM1K and RM200 for semi finalists and that do not include other prizes yet!! Hmmm...maybe I should get Ethan enrolled just for the fun and thrill again could join too if your baby is born on or after 31st August 2006 ;p


Jewelle said...

Congrats Ethan!! Now as mummy to buy you presents

You definitely should try for the Johnson competition!

Kadus_Mama said...

congrats to ethan..!! eh apa lah hadiah??

Tu baby johnson contest susah sikit mau qualified tu..mau compete with those mixed parentage babies..suma pun muka macam doll..tooooo cute..

Nick Phillips said...

Well, congrats to little Ethan :D

Shabbymom said...

Congrats to little Ethan!!!

Joyce said...

paduli tu mixed parentage ka eurasian ka...kita masuk sija...!!! Congrats Ethan..!!

wen said...

congrats to Ethan! at least there is something!

Fridaycat said...

I told you he's a little heartbreaker! I still think Ethan's the cutest of 'em all. Proud to be one of his loyal voters, heh heh. Congrats again!

Aunty J said...

Oh pandai2 kau ah hehehe... ba I will for fun ja la...dont think can fight with the so many cute lil babies out there ...but no harm in trying kan :)

Ya ba sure banyak gia muka Eurasian tu kan...cuba2 ja la hehe

Thank you for your support ok :)

Thanks dearie! :)

That's least something haha..

hahaha ya ba!! ;p

hahaha...auwww u so sweet..thanks for the compliment and for your support dearie!! :)

DorisJ said...

my congrats to you and ethan.. surely he is adorable and sweeeeeetest one..

so any new contest you join? mo bagi support lagi. he hehe

Queen Bee said...

Congratulation to Ethan! Kalau ada lagi let me know ya, mau bagi support.. siok juga like this..hehee

jppmom said...

Congrats Ethan!

Nessa said...

Yay!! Tahniah Ethan and mommy!! :D

FloDawn said...

Nah Lil'E did very well on his first baby contest hehe. Next up is the Johnson Baby contest :D
Good Luck!