Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My lil' tyke

Ethan has definitely shows more of his personality traits lately and of coz it is only natural that at this age (1 year 2 mths ++) he wants to explore more things. Last Sunday was indeed one of his very curios days as he explored our apartment like nobody business that he even refused to be changed when it was time to change his diaper!

My lil' prince trying to reach or perhaps trying to open the door to the wash room

Even after I have moved the lid to face the wall, Ethan still wants to open the dustbin in the kitchen.. not forgetting the drawers even after his fingers got caught between the drawers...I thought he would learn his lesson but NO...he still wants to play with the drawers in the kitchen and master bedroom..

Naughty Ethan playing with the power point...

He was determine to play with it even after I covered it with my palm..

My upset Ethan ;p

There goes my sulking lil' E haha..

See how persistent he is to play with the power point even after I blocked the area with the chairs ;p Really need to get those power point covers soon!

Yup that's our precious lil' tyke alright!! :)


Nick Phillips said...

LOL! Kids are like that la, every little thing will intrigue them at that age :D

Gallivanter said...

Brings a whole new meaning to "baby power". :-P

Deana E said...

lol..my goodness..aiya soon sona will also like that lor..now started already grabbing things here and there..

wen said...

LOL! aiyoh, i like the sulking photo la..hehe..so manja..

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehehe... The kids will learn tu.. When Lil C was younger, he opens our drawer and kasi keluar semua tu barang2 inside... After a while, he fed-up sudah tu... Good thing is that he learnt some practical skills ;) You'd be suprised! Make sure whatever Ethan does, as long as it doesnt hurt him sija la.. ;) Let them enjoy the growing age