Tuesday, September 9, 2008

15 months!

I'm 2 days late but its better late than never hee...Our precious Ethan turned 15 mths on Sunday and here is a summary of his new developments so far:
  • Weight 10.7kg
  • Height 77cm
  • He can utter a few words like "ish" (fish), "Kar" (car), mama, papa, momom, nenen, door
  • He will point at himself (that is with both thumbs pointing back at himself hehe..) if you ask him "where is Ethan"
  • He knows where his nose and stomach are
  • He knows how to wipe his nose, body and hand (I have to take turn with him when I do this or else he will start to move around)
  • He understands after washing his hands they need to be wiped
  • He knows "pom pom" means bath time so he will keep still while I undress him and wait impatiently at times to go into his bath tub ;p
  • He will blink both his eyes, clap his hands, wave good bye, shake your hand, throw a kiss or kisses if you ask him to
  • He can identify aircon, fan and light
  • He knows where lizards normally are - on the ceiling
  • He can identify duck by saying quack quack or more like "kuak kuak" ;p
  • He knows he is going out if you put on his hat and socks
  • He loves going out as he will keep pointing at the door and asked to put his hat or hoodie on (sometimes he will try to put the hat or hoodie on himself hehe..)
  • He gets excited when he sees animals especially Lucky the pet dog at his grandma's
  • He loves fruits especially papaya, banana and grapes
  • He started to eat rice (though he still eats his porridge during his meals time) when we have our meals and ejoys it especially if I put some gravy on his rice - for a change I don't need to chase him around instead he will chase or demand from us for more!! ;p


Gallivanter said...

Wow, he can say nenen....and women wonder why men are horny creatures, because you spoiled us from the start! LOL! :-P

Kadus_Mama said...

awwww..Besar sudah ethan kan.. :)
So pandai already..

jppmom said...

waah..big bog oledy ethan, hehehehe..very cute some more...berlari udah lah dia ni kan?

mama mia said...

wah c tanak vagu ko 15mths suda, nda lama bulih suda dia ikut dady dia p main buul :)

Evelyn LG said...

Thanks for dropping by at my blog :).

Siok kan tingu BB membesar.