Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm lovin' it!!

Yay! The new Geny cloth diaper cover (you can read the review here) has arrived and I'm sooo in love with it!! :)

See the color combination and the swirly design...I like!!!! ;p
Oh lately am into fitted cds especially during the weekend and when Ethan is taking his long afternoon nap. It lasts longer than pocket cds though it won't last on Ethan without leaking for night use I supposed..I'm assuming it won't last for night use in Ethan's case as the cover will be wet after about 4-5 hrs...I've even tried putting bamboo insert as doubler in between the cover and fitted cd but still it can't last more than 5 hours...anybody out there care to share how to tackle this issue are most welcome :)


Agnes C said...

wow, a real collector of CDs. All are not wasted since more Jason and Joyce's juniors are coming, right?

Sandra@miabambina said...

hi there ! Wow so nice the cover

About your cd cover problem, i got a few q's to ask

What is the material of the cover?
since you said it will be wet after 4-5 hours.

So do you mean the cover wicked the moisture?
how about the sizing?
and also does the cover has a non waterproof binding on the leg casing?
is the fitter diaper over wet?

just want to share what is my opinion , after I know more about it :)

Aunty J said...

Hehehe...the cds are so cute that they one can be addictive hehehe...

Ya I love it!! hehehe...

Ok here are the answers:

One with cotton outer layer, inner supposed to be water proof and made of fleece. Another one is made of PUL. Even the fleece cover type cant last long...

The PUL has the binding ard the leg but not sure if its waterproof (swaddlebees). The fleece is all made of fleece. My precious baby has the fleece ard the leg...

The fitted diaper is soak on the front most of the time..behind not so and the cover not sure if u call it wet or wick

am using size L for Ethan who si 11.3kg last mth

Hope u can give some tips :) Thanks!!

Sandra@miabambina said...

hmm...not so sure but the wetness is it from the waist? or leg?
or the whole are of the cover?

cotton with inner layer of waterproof fabric, sometimes is not suitable for nighttime or heavy wetter.

make sure the fitted is all covered by the diaper cover. And the tshirt or pant not tucked inside the cover.

Again for the fitted, if it's made from hemp, check the information, should it be wash up to 3 times to reach the max absorbency.

Janelle said...

use a heavier weight bamboo for night. the one u got fr cute tooshies is not heavy enough. Although it dries slower but as long as it's only for night time use, u should still have enough for rotation. i got some i left with Miranda. u can asked her if no one bought it yet but u have to find someone to sew it into booster. Nvr use cotton outer PUL for naps they wick. It's suppose to last for about 2 hrs only. ur best bet is use more bamboo top with Poly outer PUL/wool cover.

Anonymous said...

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