Monday, February 9, 2009

Our water boy

Ethan loves playing in the his bath tub and especially in the swimming pool...he even wanted to go to the sea whenever he is by the beach! I once posted about him enjoying the pool at Langkah Syabas. Here he is again enjoying himself at the pool at Tweety's mansion ;p

Feeling a lil' bit scared or rather he wasn't feeling confident yet when hubby first put him in the pool...

But give him just a few minutes and enjoyed it, he did!! :D

The happy water boy :)

Ethan doing the splish splash and walking from one end to the other end of the pool ;p

Ethan enjoying the pool ;p

and before you know it, he tried to climb over to the adults pool...tsk tsk tsk...

Our friendly water boy befriended a pretty girl from next door neighbour and wasn't too happy when she had to go home...Ethan practically tried to pull her back into the pull and "voiced out" his unhappiness ;p

Ms Tweety the babysitter a.ka. Baywatch life guard on duty;p

The other Baywatch life guard ;p

Ethan with Aunt Tweety

Ethan: Ok Aunty Tweety that's enough of kissing for the day....

Ethan: Mummy!!! Help!!!

It was indeed an enjoyable time especially for Ethan...and when we finished at the pool...we had to struggle to get Ethan out of the pool!! Thank goodness he wasn't complaining when I gave him a bath him at Tweety's mansion - remember he is after all a water boy ;p And happy to say we were served yummylicious pasta and curry while chilling out at Tweety's that evening after the our special thanks to dear Ms Tweety for letting Ethan play in the pool as well as for the super delicious meals! So be warned as we folks will be back!!! ;p


youpos said...

your waterboy is soooo cute! with the long hair he looks like the japanese beach boys! kekeke

Joyce said...

Hi Ethan, wah like long time already tidak nampak dia, and his hair long already...i love his curls ooo. Kiss kiss from aunty Joyce muah!!

Cath J said...

Wahh..He grown up already.. Soo cute... padan lah kena kiss kiss..

Aunty J said...

Thanks hehe..oh really? Wahhh if he becomes a superstar then his mummy can become famous too!! Yeah I know...I can dream on right! haha..

Hehehe..thks ;) We shld hv a CD mummies gathering soon kan :)

Cath J:
Brabis dia mau escape last2 tu coz dia mau main Anne's laptop hehehe

Cay said...

AuntyJ ..ethan got curly hair too kan ..he is cute waterboy ohh ..

wen said...

aiyoh, his hair so long already. so cute la