Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's almost over

Tomorrow will be the last day that Ethan will be on antibiotic. Overall, he seems to be back to normal except his appetite in the evening is not so good yet. No more fever and his nappy rash is almost gone. He is still experiencing loose bowel but not as bad... Apparently Augmentin antibiotic will cause nappy rash as well as loose bowel movement. But those are insignificant as compared to the very high fever that he had to endure recently. For his nappy rash we wash him with water and put on the Drapolene nappy barrier to prevent further rash and this seems to work pretty well. Both me and hubby are very happy to see his progress and hope that his cough and mucus will disappear very soon. Yes, he has been coughing with mucus on and off and still is on medications for that. His paed told us that as his fever subsides, his cough and mucus will come back again. But thank goodness it is not too bad and he seems to be recovering pretty fast from both too. We asked his paed what would be the cause to his throat infection. He told us that it is most likely from outside source (not because of his cough as we initially suspected) i.e. people who are sick came close to him or he got it from the crowded areas e.g. shopping malls. So now, no more public places for Ethan for at least a month...

Here we wish to extend our sincere thanks to my SIL, Lisa for being our walking medicine/ health encyclopedia during those challenging time...I think after 3 kids, she could consider taking up another degree and probably switch her career from an engineer to a pharmacist in the future hehehe...

And for my own reference, here am listing the types of fever medicines that can be used together when fever doesn't subside (information given by Dr. June of RMC ):
1. Ibuphoren & Uphamol
2. Ibuphoren & Voren (must be 6 hours gap/apart)
3. Uphamol & Voren (if fever doesn't subside after 45min-1 hr of Uphamol, insert Voren - this was the combination we used on Ethan recently)

Note: This general list is for my own future reference, you should refer to your own doctor for your own case.
Lil' E on the way to PIL's yesterday morning...he was still asleep when we had to carry him to the car...heee..

Oh btw, do share with me if you had experienced similar case and how did you handled your precious okay :)

p/s As I'm blogging away, my lil' precious is still fast asleep next to me at this moment ;p


Deana E said... pity ethan..sona has not had too bad fever. before her bday and a day after she had but i didn't give her any medicine..i got panic a bit and asked hubby to get something to relieve her from the fever but in the end i x give also, i just monitor her and keep on feeding her.. i am trying my best not to depend on medication. now i have started to give her far she likes it and so far she is glad..

Aunty J said...

Thanks Deana.. which multivit are you giving Sona?