Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vicks Vaporub could be dangerous

I thought I should post this info after reading it from a blog and also getting it in my inbox from StoryMory today. If you have been applying Vicks Vaporub on your child/children below the age of 2 especially under the nose please stop. This ointment though has been around for donkey years may not be as safe as you think it is. Recent research shows that it could lead to severe breathing problem. Do read the articles below (click on the image for better view).

As for Ethan, I've stopped using Vicks Vaporub on him after I bought the Northern Essence All Natural Vapor Rub from MiaBambina last July. It is stated that this product is safe to use even on baby from 3 months old onwards.

Here's another article from about it.


Plain Jane said...

hmm...i think i remember reading a warning on those vicks vapourub bottles not to be used on children below 2. could be warnings on the australian bottles only, am not sure now. its not only dangerous for the baby's breathing but also can irritate/burn their skin! i used those baby-balsam ones (the baby version of vicks-vapourub)

Aunty J said...

Yes, Vick has a bb version but I can't find it in KK. So bought the Northern Essense brand instead. And yes, I remember seeing a warning on that too though can't remember was it from Australia (Alvin's Aunt gv a bottle fr Australia to Ethan previously) or the local ones.

uytyey said...

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