Tuesday, April 7, 2009

22 months

Ethan turned 1 year 10 months today. He weights 12.2kg and stands at 86cm. I've yet to check how many teeth he has now but seems like most of them are out except for a few...

Lately he is into books especially those with colorful pictures. He is also into colorful brochures and will look at them as if he knows how to read and will keep pointing to certain part of the brochures to anyone of us. He will also look at them for quite a while - same goes to his books.


  1. Kar - car
  2. Bus -bus
  3. Kee - key
  4. Dor - door
  5. Cis - cheese
  6. Apple - apple
  7. Papa - grandpa
  8. Dede - daddy
  9. Grandma/ mama - grandma
  10. Aki - my dad
  11. Dodu - my mum (sadly he has yet to call me mum, my or mummy ;p)
  12. Mamam - food
  13. Nenen - milk
  14. Bol - ball
  15. Star - star
  16. Isis - refers to Mickey Mouse
  17. Elli - refers to his Ikea elephant soft toy (I named the toy Elli short form for elephant..)
  18. Pooh - refers to Pooh and sometimes he calls Tiger, Pooh too...probably he watches them both in Tiger, Pooh & Friends on telly so may probably get confused by their names ;p
  19. Teddy - refers to teddy bears
  20. Fruts - fruits (I normally give him fruits i.e. either banana, apple, papaya or grapes after meal and will entice him to finish his meal by putting small cutlets of fruits on top of his rice hehehe - tertipu tertipa ba si kawan haha)
  21. Shoo - shoes
  22. Hopen - open
  23. Klos - Close
  24. On - on
  25. Aff -off
  26. Buk - book
  27. Botel - bottle
  28. Kip - keep things away
  29. Water - water
  30. Fon - house phone or hand phone
  31. Het - hat
  32. Wawa - refers to his cousin Joshua
  33. Miau - refers to cat
  34. Dog/ woof/ Lucky - refers to dog (the pet dog at PIL's is named Lucky so I think he also thinks dog and the name Lucky are the same ;p)
  35. Duck/ kuak-kuak - refers to duck
  36. Frok - frog
  37. Bid - bread
  38. Chu chu - train
  39. Kuko - chicken
  40. Ello - hello
  41. Kik - kick
  42. Up - up
Short sentences:
  1. Fall down
  2. Go down
  3. Open door
  4. Close door
  5. Lock door
  6. This is box/ this is a box (sometimes he will miss out the "a")
  7. This is star/ this is a star (at times he will miss out "a" too)
  8. This is book/ this is a book (again he will miss out "a" sometimes)
  9. The phone (he will say this whenever the house or anyone's hp rings)
Understands and can follow instructions such as:
  1. Dance
  2. Take shoes
  3. Take remote control
  4. Give
  5. On or watch tv
  6. Wait (unless he can't wait for his milk hehe)
  7. Pompom time (jargon used my PIL to describe "bath")
  8. Wash hand
  9. Off tv
  10. Let's go (we normally say this as we about to go out of the door/house so he will be more willing to be carried)
  11. Kiss and sayang grandma/ grandpa/ Aki/ Dodu etc (we normally ask him to do so whenever we're about to leave PIL's or my parents')
  12. Flying kiss
  13. Sit down
  14. Keep toys
  15. Clap hands
  16. Do tap tap tap (he will tap his hands onto his lap and say "tap, tap, tap" imitating the "Little Einstein" tap hehe...)
  17. Shake hand
  18. Hi-five!
  19. Kick ball

Some of his favourite tv programmes:

  1. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - his current most fav!
  2. Word world
  3. Dibo the gift dragon
  4. Pocoyo
  5. Handy Manny
  6. Banana in Pyjama
  7. The lady who normally sings in a train (the long dark hair lady in uniform...can't remember the name)
  8. The teddy bear cartoon show which I can't remember the name also ;p
  9. Ooh and Aah
  10. Jojo Circus (not sure if this is the right name but its the kid with the lion pet)
  11. The sport pink lady (don't know the exact name too..)
  12. Bunnytown - he loves the music and will dance to it ;p
  13. Higgly town heroes
  14. Imagination movers
  15. The two silly men - a short guy and a plump looking guy who wear the same outfit all the time etc..

Errrrmm this sounds like almost all the tv programmes on Disney Channel isn't it? hahaha...


KaDusMama said...

Owwwww...besar already ethan..! Baru i noticed my daughter is 4 months older than ethan saja.. :)

Jewelle said...

Wahhh! How much TV he watch oh :-p

How time flies oh, such a big handsome boy now

Deana E said...

wah..wanna hear ethan talk la..misti cute..hahaha the tv programe ba..i also watch sudah nie..aiyo..

Anonymous said...

so hensem la dia,and my nazwan also watch tv much lately,maybe because dia mo besar dah kan.. and the tv3 jingle 'inspirasi' is his favorite..

hannie said...

way to go Ethan!!
cute la dia!!

Mama Mia said...

besar suda your ethan kan. bila mo kasi dia adik...hehe...

Cath J said...

Great job mama.. ;-)

AJTuining said...
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Aunty J said...

Oh ya ka...ohhhh nah sama taun pula dorang nie ah ...buli la bergeng lain kali ;p

Hahaha..thanks. He does watch a lot doesn't he...what I'm worry is tht he has the tendency to move towards the screen and sometimes literally kissing the screen!!

Soon you'll be an expert on kiddy programme...hehehe...ba nanti kita kasi jumpa dorang and biar dorang bercrita kunun haha...

Mummy Zuan:
Thanks ;p and yes maybe dorang membesar odi so can understand the tv programme better kan..just yesterday my Ethan boy was laughing heartily while watching Mr. Bean and one of the tv programmes....ish ish ish...pandai tinguk Mr. Bean ba kan...

Hahaha...thanks! But yesterday I was practically chasing after him ard the Chinese restaurant at the DJunction during our Easter family dinner...panat oh!

Ya big boy odi kan haha...mau cuba la nie...u bila mau tambah? ;p

Cath J:
Thanks Cath...and u apa kureng ;p