Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Of labels and satin fabric

Like some children, Ethan has a thing about labels with satin texture or any satin like fabric...he loves to touch and feel the fabric especially when he is taking his milk or about to sleep. At times he will hold on to the ribbons of my tops or satin fabric on my dresses and will follow me around the house just so that he could touch and feel the smooth and soft satin texture. Sometimes he will even take my hand and leads me to the living room to sit on the sofa so he can enjoy the satin fabric without having to follow me around the house hehe... So in the end I asked my friend Zura to make him 2 satin blankies (so when it is time to do washing, he still have another one to play with...) with Elmo as the theme to satisfy his satin fetish ;p

Ethan calls his blankie 'Elmo' and will always ask for it when he drinks his water or milk and while watching the telly,

in the car... the him playing peek a...

booo!!... one happy lil' boy :)


Joyce said...

wow good taste juga si Ethan punya comfort habits...satin lagitu!! hehe

Aunty J said...

hahaha...dia suka abis soft and sajuk2 kali tu mau tau...avutong moti kana air liur dia tu...nasib ada 2 so can ganti2 ;p