Monday, December 7, 2009

30 months

Ethan turns 2 years 6 months today. Although he doesn't really speak in complete sentences yet (except for some like 'keep the hat', 'keep there', 'open the door', 'what's that sound', 'who's that', etc) but he has shown improvements on his vocabs. He is able to identify more animals/objects/ shapes on his flash cards or books. In terms of colors he does seem to be able to tell red, blue, green and yellow although he gets confuse at times ;p He doesn't really know how to properly count his 123 but at least he seems to be able to differentiate between 1 and 2 now.

He is also able to 'sing' though not in full but rather bits and pieces of the songs or wordings of a few songs such as Twinkle-twinkle little star, O McDonald, London Bridge, ABC song, Itsy bitsy spider, and Row row row your boat and other songs that catch him fancy or any of his favourite cartoon programmes.

Food wise, he does take his vege and meat/fish but he can also be pretty choosy. He usually takes his fruits i.e. grapes (his fave), banana, papaya while having his lunch/ dinner which is unusual as most children or even adults will take only after meals hee... the cut fruits also serve as a bait to get him to eat his rice hehe.. He still loves only his milk (180ml 3-4 times/day) and water (which can be a lot!). He will however take a sip or two of other drinks but that's about it which I have no complain ;p For breakfast, he either takes Jacob biscuits, plain white/butter bread or buttered toasts, cheese, mini hash brown, noodles or porridge. I used to give him hard boiled eggs but he doesn't seem to like it now. We're grateful that he takes his vitamin c (crushed and with a bit of water on a spoon) and Scott Emulsion (original flavour okay...) daily without fail. When he got on the weighing machine recently the reading shows 17kg (with his sandal on though) !!??

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