Friday, December 4, 2009

6 months gone, 4 more to go!

Without realising it, I am now in my 24th week. How time flies and I kept thinking I was only 5 1/2 months until I checked my desk calender where I jotted down my pregnancy's age ;p No wonder I feel heavier, keep visiting the loo more often (no thanks to the distance we have to endure from our office to the ladies' room although I must say it is good exercise for me hee...), climbing up the staircase seems quite a struggle and even bending and sitting or lying in certain positions are becoming more uneasy nowadays...long walks can be exhausting too..but hey I know those are just signs that we will soon be welcoming our precious 2nd bundle of joy and I'm very much excited about it especially to see Ethan's reaction in meeting his lil' brother for the first time :)

So far I've been telling Ethan that he'll soon be a 'kor-kor' (big brother) to his lil brother which for now is till inside his mummy's stomach :) Sometimes when I asked him 'what's in mummy's stomach?', he will say, 'bb' and sometimes when he sees my stomach he will come and touch it and says 'big stomach' ;p Although he does seem to think there's bb in my stomach but I don't think he really understands what it means yet...perhaps I ought to show him some pics of baby inside a mother's stomach and show him pictures of newborn babies...hmmm... I wonder how other mothers tell their toddlers about upcoming new sibling...if you have some tips do share with me will you? :)

I'm supposed to pose this ultra scan pic last month but kept postponing it due to laziness ;p Anyway, here's baby#2 at 20 weeks 5 days.
You can see his 'lil birdie' in this pic :p


KaDusMama said...

:) So sweet..wah 16 more weeks kan?

AngelineJ said...

Time really flies kan Joyce?!

Wow, 6 months already. We're excited to see the devp. of this little one in your blog as is Ethans devp. Ndak lama lagi tu... Yay!!!

Shana said...

lama i didnt visit ur blog , i used to be a silent reader, congrats!

farrahar said...

I just tell my Adam, dalam perut ada baby *point big tummy*. If I tell him he will be an Abang I don't think he'd understand apa itu abang lol!