Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Die mozzy die!

As night falls particularly during Ethan's bedtime, we especially moi will turn into a murderess..not your normal human kind of murderess but purely as mozzies murderess ;p

You may say why not use the normal insect spray or the usual green mosquito coils or the plug in ones...well for one, Ethan has sensitive airways so his paed does not recommend any of those which are chemical based..we tried anti mozzie lotion, even bought the insect repellent bracelet but sometimes the smell of lemon grass is just too strong to my liking especially during my preggy situation now...so we normally end up using our bare hands to kill those irritating mozzies. But recently hubby's friend recommended a solution to our problem... the "Eletrisk insekt fanger"!! I have no idea what language is that but so far it has worked for the past 2 days that we've started using it. Just this morning I electrocuted 8 mozzies!! Am I happy? You Bet! :)

It uses 2 AA batteries and only cost RM 12.99 - we bought ours from Servey

This is how the 'magic racket' looks like. You just press the red button and swing it around the room or whenever you see the mosquito and...
zapppps.....the mozzie will be electrocuted and kapis!! ;p

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