Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Conversations" with Baby Eli

Baby Eli will be 3 months old in 8 days time.

His reflux has toned down although he still throws up once in a while. But it is much better than previously. In terms of milk intake, he now takes 120ml every 2 hours though there are times (rarely..) it may stretch til 3 hours especially when he takes a long nap. He is mostly on Similac formula milk...I only breastfeed him during his early morning feeds and occasionally during the day when am not at work.. I know am not a perfect mum ;p

Anyway, the two videos below are recordings of him "cooing" with his grandma :)

You can hear some background noise coming from his big bro Ethan who was busy watching his Elmo's World dvds ;p

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