Monday, August 2, 2010

Why French women don't get fat..

I was taking a short break from work and was reading an article when this "The French Paradox: The Reasons French Women Don't Get Fat" article grabbed my attention. I did a quick read and below are the reasons why French ladies are forever slim...

  • French women eat 'good' fats rather than 'bad' fats
  • French women savor their food
  • French women eat fresh
  • French women eat regular meals and don't snack between meals
  • French women indulge -- in smaller portions
  • French women drink plenty of water

Basically, its all the dos and don'ts of healthy eating though it is easier said than done eh ;p If only I have such discipline in following such regime hee...but then again I guess it is easier when it is already a part of our daily life or way of life/ culture like those chic and poised French women...Anyway, its a good practise that I hope to 'master' one day ;p


Mimi said...

Ya, French women are typically skinny and sexy! We must follow their diet! hehehe.. They have better fashion sense too!

Sandra@miabambina said...

That is a good tips.
But most of European youngster now start to eat prepare food ( busier lifestyle ) more than the older generation where the mom stays at home and cook fresh. I saw there are plenty of teenager girls there ( not just French but Italy too) that are obsessed with their diet.
A friend of ours ( italian girl 15 y.o) when come n visiting, refuse to eat dinner and eat lunch like rabbit , because she wants to be slim !! she is slim!! I want to smack her head and said : just eat! and stop obsessing about ur weight , you are just 15!!!!
Some french women does have good genes, do exercise and look at what they eat . I think the grilled food is much better than our "fried/goreng" and their salad is also better. bt dont forget the got bread, cheese, roasted meat as well. :)

Lorna said...

Gosh, what is "good fat", anyway? :P
Actually the secret to not getting fat is to take everything in moderation, kan? And that's no secret.