Monday, October 11, 2010

7 months Eli!

Yes! My little cutie pie is now 7 months old since yesterday :)and yes he is on solid now...
roll over is not a problem anymore..
He loves his Koko

Eli is one happy baby boy...who wakes up with a smile on his face :)

and is able to wait patiently for his mommy, daddy and Koko to get ready before I will cuddle and change his diaper in the morning...

But he can be very fierce and can really shout when he is not being attend to after calling for a long time or when hungry pang attacks!!
He turns and tosses around and sometimes can turn 360 degree even in his tiny baby cot and this is how he will end up at times ;p
He loves looking at books and will get exctited whenever we show him colorful pages or when we tell him stories even if it is just boring black and white newspapers ;p

He can clap his hands now...
Another water baby as he loves his bath time and will certainly complaint whenever I bring him out of his bath tub ;p

Oh btw, I don't have his development stats now as his review at the clinic is only once in 2 months now :)

He loves outdoor...and is indeed a playful little baby

But most of all he is always generous with his absolutely gorgeous smile which make us adore him even more each day :)

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