Wednesday, October 13, 2010


We received Ethan's Progress Report Card from his playschool a few days ago...
 Here's the report on his general skills and attitude developments... (click on image for bigger view)
And this is what his class teacher says about him ;p

According to his teacher, overall he is okay...just that he can't sit still and VERY PLAYFUL...apparently he is the only one that cannot sit still...he will only join the group activities for a short period of time before he starts to wonder around and does his own stuff  ;p Do you think we should be concerned especially seeing not a single 'A' in his report card? BTW, A = Good; B = Satisfactory; and C= Need Improvement.

Personally, I think it is too early to worry because after all he is still in playschool ;p He should still be playing and having fun.. besides I do think he has improve although maybe not as good as others but I still think he has improve tremendeously in terms of speech and following instructions as compared with before ;)
Yup..that's my boy alright :)

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Deana E said...

dont worry ba..( next time u tell me the same ah if i am worry about my girl) ..let them grow and learn. i did see that he is a bit active in the class, or may be most of the classmates are quite quite type..