Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm back..and Eli is now 10 months old!

Hi everyone, my apology for keeping this space idle for a while..life has been pretty busy.. both at home and at work...thus the long silence....well, laziness is another factor too of coz ;p

Photo taken by Eddie Johari

Anyway, just a short update on my cutie pie Eli who just turned 10 months old yesterday...He is now 8.7kg and 74cm in length. He makes attempts to crawl and stand and is able to sit more firmly without support. Can be very vocal in his own way, be it when he is frustrated, excited, happy, demand for something etc. Unlike Ethan and much to my dismay, he doesn't take much water...but I hope to be able to train him in liking water again..I had succeeded during the Christmas and NY break but somehow he has returned to the old habit of disliking water again after the break..sigh..

Food wise he is still eating sieved food...have tried to feed him mashed food last weekend but he doesn't  seem to agree with the texture yet as he would throw up whenever I feed him mashed food...oh well, will have to try again this weekend...I don't remember Ethan refusing mashed food before...I guess Eli is more of a fussy eater? ;p

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CathJ said...

wah big boy already... :D