Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheap homemade beauty tip

Neneth shared with me her homemade beauty tip to clear blackheads and whiteheads...after seeing the pictures she took yesterday I was instantly convinced!! So without much delay I tried it just a few minutes ago and...

walaaa...kapish you stubborn white/blackheads! ;p

So folks this is one super cheap beauty tip...will only cost you around RM0.40! And greater news is that it is so easy to do!

What you need:
  1. Just an egg
  2. A few facial cotton.
How to do it:
  • Take out only the egg white onto a small bowl/ container
  • Peel the facial cotton into thin layers
  • Put the facial cotton on your face especially areas with white/blackheads i.e. nose, around nose area, between eyebrow area etc
  • Dap the egg white on the cotton til it is wet
  • Let it dry where you can feel your skin tighten
  • Remove it and along with the dry and hardened facial cotton are those unwanted white/blackheads! :)
Happy me will make this as a once in a fortnight beauty regime from now on! Thanks Neneth!! :)


shirley aka beautiza said...

hehe.. i ever did this..memang berkesan .. mm thinking when is my next diy facial at home..

Wana said...

hehehe..syok kan.