Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan, my hat off to you

It didn't register in my head how calm and civilize the Japanese are while on the road to recovery (let's pray that there'll be no repeat of a massive earthquake and Tsunami there..) until I read this article entitled "In tragedy, Japanese impress world"  this morning. Hubby and I were watching the CNN on the situation in Japan particularly on the currently seems oh so fragile nuclear plant last night. But what caught my eyes was how the houses, cars, and even aeroplanes were swept away by the huge waves as though they were of your children toys. I didn't want to watch any of the videos nor the pictures earlier on as I know it'll be too heartbreaking..and after seeing the footages last night, it confirmed my unease in watching them.. Indeed the footage moves me and my heart goes to all the people over there who have lost their loved ones and homes. May more people be rescued and that those who are wounded will have sufficient medical attention. And may those who have somehow got separated during the misfortune be reunited again especially the children and their parents...

Back to my initial thought, as the tv screen shows the aftermath tragedy especially on how the people are coping and reacting...I remembered how a lady who although was 'stucked' at her 'drown' home didn't panic when she saw the rescue team...in fact, she just wave a white cloth to inform she is there and that she is alright...another scene showed an elderly couple being helped onto a rescue boat - both of them were calm and steady..no screaming, no crying ..they just quietly and calmly got on the boat and sit down and wait for the team to rescue the other survivors...as the boat sailed away their face though sad and seem to have lots on their mind were still calm...another scene showed a mother reunited with her daughter...although both of them were hugging each other so tightly and in tears of I supposed mixture of happiness and sadness..their reaction I would say still composed..none of those screaming and yelling or dramatic scenes...after remembering these, yes, I totally agree with the article when it says "Japanese showing calm as they search for loved ones or wait for basic necessities. There is not a hint of looting or violence, even as residents line up at half-empty stores."

I have to say the Japanese absolutely impress me with their calm, cool, unruffled and composed behaviour despite the shocking and heartbreaking disaster. My hat off to all of you over there and and like the article pointed out, I hope and pray that with such fine manner, you will win more voluntary aids to help you 'rebuild' you and your country in no time. I honestly hope and pray that you will get through this day and that you'll have more strength to 'rebuild' your superb country again... I will remember you in my prayer and may God bless all of you..

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