Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Socks for Japan

Hi folks, I saw this humble charitable effort called "SOCKS FOR JAPAN" at CathJ's blog and thought although it seems small but means a lot to the victims in Japan. Jason Kelly is the founder of this cause but locally it seems Kristie is generous enough to help coordinate the donation from Malaysia. You can read both Jason's and Kristie's blogs to read more details on the charitable cause and why 'socks'?

So if you're keen to help out you may contact Kristie directly. As I have no time to purchase the socks, I am gonna bank in my donation to her to do the necessary ;p

FYI, deadline is this Friday, 25th March 2011. All donations will be recorded for full accountability and transparency towards this cause.

As Kristie put it in her blog, "Tell your friends, family, school or workplace about Socks for Japan, and please spread the awareness of this cause! Whether you donate 1 pair or 50 pairs, each is equally important."

You can visit SOCKS FOR JAPAN on Facebook for more info too.


Kristie said...

Hi Joyce!

Thanks for your generosity, it will definitely warm the hearts of the people in Japan :)

God Bless!

CathJ said...

*Like* :D

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.