Thursday, January 8, 2009

Have you got talent?

Do you have a special talent? Are you one of those who has creative flair for craft making etc ? I know I have several friends who are into it .... and I'm gonna talk about one particular friend here...let me show you some master pieces by a dear friend of mine, Hannie. She is an avid scrapbook and card maker for months now and she never seems to stop doing much ideas...Anyway, one day I was cracking my head on what birthday gift to give to my dear hubby...I've been wanting to give him something different than the ordinary birthday gifts...then suddenly it hit me in which I said to myself, why not present him a family photo of us in the form of a scrapbook page for a change :) So without much delay, I contacted Hannie through YM to discuss and get the page done...she came up with a fabulous page which I later sent to the photo shop for framing...have a look and what say you? :)

This was the final 12"x12" scrap page
Just showing you the details - see the heart and the buttons

More details with the wordings specially chosen by me ;p

And the final product after being framed - how do you like it? I know hubby likes it :)

Besides the birthday page for my hubby, I have with me some cards that were especially handmade by her too..have a look at these...I love all the works that she has done can see it for yourself from her scrapbooking blog ...don't you think these make lovely and more personalized gifts for all occasions? ...and if you're interested why not contact her directly. I'm sure she will be more than happy to help you :)
Anniversary card
Funky birthday card

A lovely Christmas card from Hannie to me ;)


CathJ said...

Oh yes... Very Nice and creative.. ;-)

Hannie C said...

One thing to cl, the birthday card and the layout are lifted from someone else's design. One is over the net and ther other from scrapbook treands.

Bonnie said...

Wow..really nice..

Deana E said...

she is one album still empty may be can send to her to isi..hannie..what say you? haha

Hannie C said...

Can! Oh ya.. there is a project call "Project 365" over in Creating Keepsakes, check it out in their site. It helps to record the daily life and also it shows a quick way in putting up pages chronologically.

Ops.. I think I've made this comments area to be like my site :p Sorry Aunty J.

Anonymous said...

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