Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Simply gorgeous!

Update: FM has entered this scrap page in a challenge (search for "precious little prince"). Cool eh ;p

A dear friend of mine did a scrap book on baby Eli yesterday evening. I was sooo thrilled to see how beautiful the piece of art she made as she passed it to me during our lunch date today. Just look at the pictures below to see what I mean...I am sooo loving it!! Thanks so much FM !!! I can't wait to have it framed up hehehe...

Oh btw, besides this absolutely gorgeous work, she made baby Eli a mini album which I've yet to take pictures for showing off ;p Worry not as I will soon put up the end result to show you how creative this lady is ;p Thanks a bunch once again FM. And if you don't know what else to do with your mountains of scrap book kits you know what you can do with them right! ;p I know I know...don't push my luck eh Moi ;p

I'm a sucker for anything pretty especially flowery stuff u know why I'm sooo liking it!! :)

Well, for those who wants to keep their meaningful photos in a creative and artful way yet don't have time nor the patience to do so, you know who to find :) It's a great idea to give as a present too :)

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Hannie C said...

This all started when I saw that cute photo of Eli, just couldn't resist not "stealing" it from you and scrap it. Glad I did!