Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For your eyes only

Just recently my dad, FIL and MIL had to change their glasses as they weren't able to see properly with their old ones anymore. I can tell you that it is not cheap to get a good pair of glasses nowadays. You could be spending a few hundreds Ringgit to get a fairly good one. I used to wear glasses because of astigmatism which made me feel a bit uncomfortable to drive at night (though that didn't stop me from going out hehehe...) Apart from that, I was a bit short sighted too. But thank goodness all that are gone (according to the eye test that I had about 3 years ago...) now. Don't ask me what I did to "kapus" both problems coz I wouldn't be able to answer you....I really don't remember me making any effort like eating carrots or did any eye exercise etc or anything for that matter...I even got lectured by a doctor for not wearing my glasses once coz she said if I don't, my eye sight may get worse especially when I need to face the computer monitor most of the time in the office...But thank goodness it didn't and since 2004 I don't have to wear my glasses anymore :) But you know what, deep inside I do wish I could wear glasses as I feel that those who wear glasses are intelligent people and they look smart with the glasses on hehehe..Talking about glasses, have you heard about Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! Just $8 for a complete prescription and eyeglasses that comes with a case??? That's just deadly cheap isn't it?? If only I knew about it earlier then I would have told my dad, FIL and MIL to get it from there...If they do accept orders from Malaysia that is...Anyway, if I ever have to wear glasses again, I'll probably choose a frame that looks like the one below...

I think this frame will look smart with a nice suit don't you think? ;p

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