Monday, January 28, 2008

What fasinates him and what's not

Ethan loves looking at the many fridge magnets at his grandpa's and grandma's home. He gets all excited and starts "talking" to the magnets especially if you ask him "where's the carrot". At home we do the same to him too. This is also another "saviour" when Ethan is in a cranky mood as we will show him the magnets to pacify him. Oh another "saviour" is the X'mas tree with the lights on... So now you know why our X'mas tree is still up when Chinese New Year is just round the corner hee... Anyway, instead of putting all the magnets onto the front door of the fridge, I separated the magnets into two different sides of the fridge i.e. the pastel colored ones on the front door and the colorful wooden type on the side of the fridge...Guess which ones Ethan loves more??
Yep , definately the bright and colorful ones fascinate him more...
... then the dull (although I find them cute hehe...) pastel colored ones ;p


hannie said...

so this is what you mean by the cute magnet things that Ethan love, they are really very cute .. wanna do that to my fridge once I move into my new house ;D

Aunty J said...

Hehehe...ya these are the magnets that he enjoys watching ;p

Anonymous said...

He is so cute ...hehehe. Colours and lights always managed to make babies go....ooooooo and aaaaaaaa ..:).
Give my hugs and kisses to Ethan kio?
Have a nice day my dear.