Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Have you ever been to Ireland?

Ireland was one of the many places that I truly wanted to visit during my Uni years...Unfortunately, being a student, money is always an issue. Friends who have been there told me how interesting and beautiful Ireland is. Definitely, no one can deny the historic and cultural heritage which blends well with the modern life style in Ireland. I'm pretty sure, many travellers and even business people wouldn't mind such tourism experience. What's more if there are plenty of Ireland Hotels to choose from.

If only I could manage to save some money by doing some part time jobs previously... I would probably have stepped foot on Dublin, Cork or even Belfast. oh well, perhaps I can bang on AirAsia for cheap flights to UK...wonder if the long haul flights to UK have started...do you know? If they have, I could start saving and plans for an Irish holiday! I could also start looking at brochures or the online Lonely Planet for Dublin Hotels, Cork Hotels, and Belfast Hotels. Hmmm....I think am babbling too much...too many places to go with not enough time and especially not enough money in my pocket...oh well, just another day dreaming mode of mine...sigh...

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osindak said...

I love Ireland! (o: I had the chance to go there waaayyy back in 1997 (gosh, that was a long time ago huh?) and I love Dublin. My friend and I stayed in a budget hostel. (o: Dublin's a lovely place. *sigh* so mahal to go there from here kan