Thursday, January 24, 2008

Photography Contest for bloggers too??

Ok folks, I know quite a number of you are into photography. Whether you're a pro or a novice photographer, why not join a digital photography contest i.e. Beautiful Sabah.

The contest has different themes for different months and for the month of February the theme is "General" and the submission period is from 10th Jan- 25th Feb. So what are you waiting for fellow bloggers cums photographers? Hop on to the site pronto!! This is the chance for you to "test power" (as we locals say it hehe..) your photography skills! ;p

Oh btw, do read the rules and regulations ya coz I heard the photos have to be taken in Sabah as it is after all a Beautiful Sabah digital photography contest ;p Oh...don't forget to spread the info around too ya :) Gracias !!


Julian said...

i wanna join lah dis... hehehe

Aunty J said...

You should pronto!! ;p Me oso joining hehe...mau try and test power ba!! ;p